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We exist to inspire personal transformation through career development. Learn more and get involved.

  • "Being a professional in social services, I felt intimidated to find myself the one now needing help. I had to give up some control and trust the person who was now helping me. I found that my case manager was easy to trust. She treated me with respect and kindness and she worked hard to help me through the employment process."

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We can't believe how quickly 2023 passed us by- the people we serve showed up and amazed us with their stories, work, and dedication. Thanks for being here with us, we're honored.

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3 Ways Singing is Good for your Health

Singing has been one of humanity’s most joyful pastimes for thousands of years. Joining in with a group to make music is proven to reduce stress while encouraging people to work together to create unique art.

The physical, psychological and social benefits of singing with others have been widely studied, showing the endless ways anyone can enjoy music—regardless of musical ability. No matter the singing skills anyone thinks they have, we all deserve to sing together. It’s one of the few wonderful things that unites us, so get your friends together for caroling, singing in your car or do anything you want to bring music into your life.


Singing boosts empathy.

When you sing with a group, you are all working together to create a piece of music greater than the sum of your parts. Studies have shown that this shared experience can help people better understand the perspectives and feelings of others. 

Music also crosses language barriers to allow people from different cultures to connect. Singing music from different cultures can give a greater appreciation for them.


Singing improves memory.

Catchy melodies and lyrics are easier to memorize than most things without music, and that’s not just because they get stuck in your head. Associating words, feelings and actions with music makes it easier for your brain to remember them. 

Learning a new song engages your brain in unique ways that sharpens your memory and clears your mind of clutter.


Singing lowers your blood pressure.

And it provides a huge variety of other physical benefits too. When you sing, you regulate and slow your breathing which relaxes you and lowers your heart rate. You also engage your diaphragm, facial muscles and abdomen to stretch and exercise them.

As you sing, your anxiety reduces and the stress hormone, cortisol, decreases in your brain. When you have low cortisol levels, your immunity against sickness increases, making you healthier overall.

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